Félicitations, auguri, felicidades, wir gratulieren, parabéns, congratulations to our 2020 OMLTA/AOPLV Award Winners and Board of Directors!

Posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 at 7:00 pm.

The OMLTA/AOPLV annually recognizes leaders in our profession who are at all stages of their careers. It is a privilege to present special recognition to teacher-educators who are just beginning in our field as well as those who have made a lasting impact over many years. These recipients will be formally recognized at our conference this fall in Mississauga, but, for now, please join us in celebrating their achievements:
Life Membership: Mary Ferlisi, Dufferin-Peel Catholic DSB (retired) The recipient of such an award should be or have been an excellent teacher, should possess qualities of leadership and have been in the profession as an elementary, secondary or post-secondary teacher or active administrator in the field of Modern Languages for at least twenty years.
Mary has made a lasting impact as a classroom teacher of FSL and Italian, committee member for the OATI Italian Contest, instructor at the Faculty of Education at Niagara University, and with countless other initiatives in the promotion of second languages.
Nominated by Dr. Biagio Aulino (York Catholic DSB)

Helen B. St. John Award: Amy Turner, Upper Grand DSB The nominee must be a current member of OMLTA/AOPLV, and a full time teacher at the elementary, secondary or university level (ie., not an administrator or consultant, unless also a full time teacher). The nomination must be signed by two members of the OMLTA/AOPLV and must be sponsored by evidence of outstanding professional contribution and leadership qualities.
Amy’s experiences as a FSL teacher, department head, mentor, workshop presenter, and lifelong learner, who is committed to helping young people use their second language skills in a variety of authentic contexts, all support her role as a leader in second language teacher communities in her region.
Nominated by Christina Schilling and Ashley McCauley (Upper Grand DSB)

Honourary Membership: Ruth Renters, Appleby College (formerly, Goethe-Institut Toronto and McMaster University) Honourary membership may be awarded to recognize a person who, while not a member of the OMLTA/AOPLV, has rendered significant service to the spheres of interest of the Association.
Over her dynamic career as a second language educator, which continues today, Ruth has been a passionate advocate for plurilingualism, particularly with German. A former instructor at McMaster University, vice president and president of the Ontario Association of Teachers of German, and in a variety of key roles at the Goethe-Institut Toronto, she created, led, supported, and facilitated countless initiatives across North America related to second language education. In Ruth’s current role at Appleby College in Oakville, she connects international languages to film, media, and community service for hundreds of students.
Nominated by Anne Popovich (OISE/UT)
H.H.Stern Award: Krysta Cook and Andrea Legault
Awarded to an outstanding graduate student at the Modern Languages Center ofthe Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto
Helen G. Mitchell
Awarded to an outstanding teacher candidate who is in their final term at a Faculty of Education in order to become an FSL or International Languages teacher.
Brock University: Iryna Babiychuck (Junior-Intermediate)
Laurentian University: Kristy Hemmer (Junior-Intermediate)
Nipissing University: Taylor Valnion (Intermediate-Senior)
OISE/University of Toronto: Tamar Mahdessian (Junior-Intermediate)
Queen’s University: Ellie Nahls (Intermediate-Senior)
Trent University: Zoë Froese (Intermediate-Senior)
Tyndale University: Julie Pistritto (Primary-Junior)
University of Ottawa: Alyssa Radulescu (Primary-Junior)
University of Windsor: Robyn Lanoue (Junior-Intermediate)
Western University: Joelle Renton (Primary-Junior)
York University: Magdalena Kisielewska-Zaranek (Junior-Intermediate)
Finally, please welcome your Board of Directors, whose terms have been confirmed for 2020-21 following our online members’ vote:
Welcome to your new roles:
President (2020-21): Josette Bosc, Ottawa Catholic SB
Past President (2020-21): Susanna Beatrice-Gojsic, Hamilton-Wentworth DSB
First-Vice President (2020-21): Alessandro La Gamba, Toronto Catholic DSB
Second-Vice President (2020-21): Angeline Humber, Greater Essex County DSB
Webmaster (2020-21): Haley Brooks, DSB Ontario North East
Director (2020-23): Ashleigh McPhee, Simcoe County DSB
Director (2020-23): Marisa Moser, Waterloo Region DSB
Director (2020-23): Jean Wan, Independent Schools
Returning to the Board:
Treasurer (2018-21): Pamela Marshall Gray, Near North DSB
Secretary (2019-22): Beverly Kukhta-Jackson, Brock University
Editor of Communication (2019-22): Lisa Picerno, Independent Schools
Director (2018-21): Pauline Galea, Durham DSB
Director (2018-21): Francesca Martínez, Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic DSB
Director (2019-22): Wendy Chan, Durham DSB
Director (2019-22): Jordan Sloan, Renfrew County DSB
Director (2019-21): Julie Théberge, Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est
Farewell, danke schön, muchas gracias to Jimmy Steele (Toronto DSB), who has completed his term as Past President and was part of the OMLTA board for ten years.

Josette Bosc, President
Susanna Beatrice-Gojsic, Past President


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