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Throughout my teaching career, OMLTA has provided me with invaluable professional development and the opportunity to build and maintain a network of contacts. I also credit the Association with helping me secure my first teaching contract.

I attended my first Spring Conference during my pre-service year in 1985. With my fellow Althouse student teachers, I marveled at the number and variety of workshops and hungrily accepted handouts, catalogues and samples of materials. With some surprise and pleasure, I recognized my favourite high school French and Spanish teacher, John Jull. He invited me to sit with him at lunch and while catching up on news, I learned that he had left my hometown to become the FSL consultant in Victoria County. He invited me to send him my resumé and by the end of May, I had been interviewed and offered a Core French teaching position in Lindsay.

I have many fond memories of OMLTA from workshops I attended, workshops I presented, inspirational keynote speakers and the privilege of working with exceptional educators when I was on the Board of Directors. However, I will always cherish the memory of my very first Spring Conference when everything was new and my career was just beginning. Thank you OMLTA!

– Christine Roberts - St. John’s Kilmarnock